L.U.S.H Expressions

Founded in 2010 Love yoUrself and Stay Happy (LUSH Expressions) is a resource organization focused on building, growing, and elevating female individuals and brands. We provide the tools and knowledge by creating events and seminars that will take you to the next level. 

Lush Expressions aims to send a message of self-love and self-fulfillment.

Lush Expressions is comprised of individuals determined to fuel and ignite the inventive talents and growth of women. Lush Expressions entertains our community, with positive energy. Leaving minds with broader horizons.


Lush Expressions is designed to gear to Women Empowerment, showing how important being a woman is, and how to represent the structure from where all roots are planted, through the seeds of a Woman. “Our strength is essential”.

Dance! Which promotes self-expression and can elicit different emotions in an audience. Dance is the base for LUSH Expressions. This art form embodies feelings of freedom, joy, and expression that encompasses both the dancer and the onlookers.


The L.U.S.H

The Lush Foundation offers grants to couples across the United States who are struggling with infertility. We offer financial assistance towards infertility treatments, surrogacy, or adoption.  But we do not stop there. We organize charity events and fundraisers for women who suffer from postpartum and single moms. 

We believe there is hope to be found during this season of waiting. We also know that genuine, life-giving help can come from others walking this journey together. 

Our goal is that these groups and our events would be a source of hope, strength, encouragement, and guidance to those walking through what can feel like a very long and rocky path.


The inability to conceive can be very stressful and emotional for couples for both personal and social reasons. When hopeful parents learn the cost of treatments, many become discouraged in the dream of creating or expanding their family. But we are here to give these individuals a chance at hoping. 

Meet the Founder

CEO - Michelle Mishea 

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Based out of Queens, New York, Graduating from St. Johns University and becoming a lovely lady of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. Michelle has been the Jill of All Trades in the entertainment industry as a dancer, choreographer, TV & Film producer, writer, event producer, tour and talent manager.

Her credits include: Former choreographer and dancer for Ray J, Envogue, Dj Unk, Trey Songz, Dorrough, Willow Smith, Mindless behavior and Nyemiah Supreme. Co-stared on Oxygen Sisterhood of Hip-hop season 1 & 2. Tour manager for The Read Live, Furious Thoughts and The Friend Zone Podcast. Executive Producer/Writer for LIPs Webseries. Talent Management for leading dancers and choreographers in the industry.  Event Director/Producer of several workshops and productions with host such as: Kid Fury, Itsmyrayeraye, Tinashe, KK harris, Willdabeast and more.

Throughout her professional years, Michelle has not only developed a high level of respect among-st everyone who she has or has not worked with. Michelle continues to maintain friendships with all her relationships and will continue to build long lasting bonds with all.